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MGPS Anode


Antifouling or Marine Growth Prevention Systems ( MGPS ) are used to prevent ship seawater pipes from bio fouling. Such pipes suck in barnacles and mussels as larvae along with the seawater. These larvae, unless prevented, tend to stick to the pipe walls, grow and multiply, sometimes to an extent where they completely block the pipelines. The Manufacture produces these Systems under License from

Cuproban Systems Limited, UK,

Our antifouling systems are completely modular systems with one module controlling a pair of anodes. The anodes can be supplied complete with suitable cofferdams for either in sea chests or on strainer lids. They come with a unique ANODE WEAR feature that alerts the user when anodes need replacement and an ANODE SAVE feature that automatically reduce current to the anode when there is no flow of water. We can design and recommend a suitable system given the necessary parameters.

We can also provide replacement anodes for many popular models of marine grow prevention systems.



Impressed Current Cathodic Protection ( ICCP ) systems use a transformer rectifier unit to feed a suitable low voltage current to the structure to be protected through strategically positioned inert anodes. For marine application, we makes self –regulating auto control units where a set of reference electrodes constantly monitor the potential of the structure and feed measurement to the control unit, which determines the appropriate amount of current to be fed to the structure to maintain the structure potential at level where corrosion with not occur.


We offers Platinized – Titanium and MMO-Titanium anodes and Zinc as well as Silver – Silver Chloride reference electrodes complete with cofferdam assembly shielding material.

Low – Signature warship ICCP systems


Any form of Cathodic protection or in its absence uncontrolled corrosion are accompanied by current flow in the sea water. Such current flows create associated electrical and magnetic fields that are detectable by suitable sensors and hence are known as signatures. While these are of no consequence to commercial vessels they are considered a significant mine-threat for front line warships. SARGAM has pioneered the introduction of low-signature ICCP systems for warships in the Indian Navy and has the largest number of such systems working in Indian warships. As an adjunct to such systems SARGAM has also introduced in Indian Naval ships Active Shaft Grounding Systems that use advanced electronics to ground the propeller shaft to the hull thereby significantly reducing the Extra Low Frequency Electro-magnetic signatures arising from ICCP current flowing through the propeller shaft. SARGAM was the first Asian company to manufacture this system.

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